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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mural for Mental Health

Our drawing class is creating a mural on campus on the theme of mental health.
A fellow student came up with this great design for the mural:

The building-like structures protruding from the head are individual wood panels. Every student from our class will paint one, each depicting a different mental-health issue. The head is unzipped; unveiling these taboo issues, the butterfly represents hope & metamorphosis. The head, hand and cloud are also to be separate wood panels, giving the mural an overall 3-dimensional effect.

Here is the development in progress of my panel depicting Bi-Polar Disorder:

The hard edged grey block-work at the bottom is representative of depression, everything hard, straight, grey and inflexible. This also brings to mind a prison wall or the prison of the modern environment. As this transitions the -work becomes reminiscent of a circuit board and then becomes more organic as a face forms.  The hay-wire erratic explosion of line-work at the top is representative of the manic end of the spectrum. These lines, shapes and paint splashes shoot out from the brain area, as the line-work gets denser it becomes almost black representing the transition back to depression.

Time permitting I may do more to it, but its pretty well done and dusted..

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